Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Miss Mia

Mia is awesome! Both she and John have been in a ton of Chicago bands in the last ten years or so, so they both know a lot of people. Mia also hosts a Cable Access music/dance program so people she hasn’t met know and recognize her. She received free tickets to a Spoon show last night at the Metro and we all biked up there together after making a communal dinner of beans & rice, quesadillas and chips/guacamole/salsa. We rushed to leave for the show, and the sink is a massacre of disgusting pots/pans/dishes. Guess what I look forward to tonight?

I didn’t know the music, but the show was good. I’ve only been to the Metro before at sold-out shows so it was nice to have a little more room. John and Mia are freakishly knowledgeable about the music scene and seem to know the band history of every musician—almost all of the names fly straight over my head. Fortunately neither of them is a ‘hipper-than-thou’ scenester—they just are really involved with music. At the show they declared the month of May to be Guitar Month at the apartment and want to teach me to play. I’m game, but it’s sort of depressing to realize that two more people will discover my incredible finger-dexterity incompetence and tone-deafness.

I rode the Julep (fixie) up to the show and only had to use the front brake about three times. I feel like I am getting the hang of her. As we locked our bikes up, I overheard the door guys saying that “there sure are a lot of bikers coming to shows lately.” Fantastic! Events like this are ideal for biking—because parking around the city’s concert venues blows and costs a lot of money, then there is the traffic nightmare afterwards, hailing a cab takes forever because there is too much competition from other cabriding hopefuls, and walking and waiting for CTA is often a buzzkill. While unlocking one of the door guys came up to ask me about the bike and how I braked it without a rear brake, because he was thinking about getting a fixie. John and I explained it while Mia piped in that “She built it herself—isn’t that cool?” When the guy realized that a fixed gear was different from a freewheel single-speed w/ coaster brake, he changed his mind because it sounded ‘too hard & dangerous.’ Funny to hear a big, pierced, tattooed guy admit this.

Anyway, the evening was very enjoyable. It’s too bad that Mia wants to live alone, because it would be fun to keep her as a permaroomie.


At 4:13 PM, Blogger Frick said...

Sounds like something you'd see on an infomercial.

Have extra space for rent? Need a helping hand around the house? Looking for someone to pitch in with the bills? Then you need the Permaroomie. It can be yours for 3 easy payments of $19.99 each! Just add water and watch it grow. With in three months, your new Permaroomie will reach full size, and be capable of sustaining a job, doing the dishes, and performing any other "needs" you may have. Say it with me, the "PERMAROOMIE!"

warning: the Permaroomie requires adequate sunshine and water to reach full earning potential. Not recommended for households with cats or other herbivoric animals.


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