Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm a Business Owner

Yup, I took the plunge today and cut a check* to become the newest owner of the Hbar. I am both really excited, and really friggin' freaked. I have an entire professional kitchen at my disposal--plus I can order bulk food at commercial rates and have use of the company's bike trailers. Next year's holiday truffle-making exercise will NOT take place in my living space. I can work to revamp the menu and have the opportunity to cook when I want to. Too fuckin' cool.

I was unemployed up until seven months ago. After being near-broke and constantly freaked out about finances I've become used to the idea that I can role with pretty much any reasonable financial situation that rears it's head (moving, new bike/accessories) along with paying for friends' dinners/drinks/tickets..... I still lived pretty frugally, but the truth was I didn't have to worry about money. I paid about 2/3 cash and 1/3 credit financed the Hbar purchase. Now I am in the red and will try to reign in my money even tighter for the next few months until the borrowed money is completely paid off. [Goal--end of August] Being a complete cheapwad runs in my blood, so it probably won't be a traumatic adjustment, but still, I'll actually have to budget for things instead of just ponying up on a whim.

Today I commuted with the fixie and only really used my hand brake once, when cars did crazy unexpected/illegal/stupid manuevers. My butt muscles feel like they have been worked pretty hard, because stopping takes so much energy and control. After I came home from work I couldn't find my checkbook and thought it might be at the office. I sped the Bianchi back to work in search of my checkbook. Riding him is so easy compared to the fixie. Time was ticking, so I flew downtown and back. It felt great to really push it without worrying about how I was going to stop. It's also obvious that the Bianchi is just a better bike than the Julep and rolls beautifully on the pavement.

I counted up the miles I rode today and it totals about 20, plus I lifted weights at the gym over lunch break. It's weird to think that this is more activity than many people do in a week.

Anyway, I'm babbling and tipsy. I wasn't planning on drinking tonight, but Todd, one of the other owners exclaimed that "You can't buy a bar without having a drink or two" and I was persuaded to imbibe. To spare more babble--this new bar/restaurant owner is off to bed.

* I didn't order checks when I started my new account, so I wrote by far the largest check of my life on a blank starter check. I have a feeling I will be hearing from my bank by the end of the week. tehehe.


At 4:38 PM, Anonymous epeeist said...

Congrats on finally buying it! I guess I have to come to Chicago to go to the Hbar.

At 9:35 AM, Blogger equipoise said...

Yea for you! Glad you were finally able to take the plunge! Now, what's the Hbar discount for big brothers again? :-)

At 10:35 AM, Blogger jojo said...


Brothers of course get comped at the Hbar when they come to visit Chicago.

How does the end of June work for you?

At 4:24 PM, Blogger Frick said...

ok, so now its time to start thinking of franchising. HB-sacramento, HB-minneapolis, ect.

j/k I'll settle for cheap/discount beer


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