Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Riding Fast, Silly Lawyers

I get tutored on Hearsay every Wednesday morning before work because I never took Evidence in law school. After dawdling around this morning, I had to push it to get to the office at 7:30. I guess I haven't ridden fast to work since I moved, so this felt good. More importantly, I hit every light green on Grand Avenue. I hope that they are timed together--because then I could do this every day! I was really excited about the ride in this morning, because my foot only touched the ground once.

I got into work on time, changed clothes, waited for my tutor to arrive, read email, waited, waited...... I finally left my wing of the office to grab some documents--and found the professor waiting for me outside of my office. He hadn't even tried to buzz in, because "I wasn't sure you were in yet." What the Hell does this mean? Did he expect that I would keep periodically checking the hallway for him? I'm thankful that he is teaching me evidence, but c'mon can't professors have a wee bit of common sense?

Also, last night I had friends over for dinner. I was just thinking about leaving when, at 5:30, my boss decided to have our 'afternoon' meeting that he had been blowing off all day. As the clock ticked forward I realized how little attention my boss had been paying to the details of the file. He much rather prefers to ask questions than listen to the answers, so again and again we hashed over the same issues. This is frustrating at any time, but with the minute hand marching ahead, I was getting antsy. Finally I ran out of the building just minutes before 7:00 and raced like hell to get home and start cooking. I plan on switching to an early schedule now that it is light out in the evening--these futile, 'after-hours' 'afternoon' meetings won't fly with me, because I hope to cut out shortly after 5:00 on most nights. This lawyer gig is getting old.


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