Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Busy, busy

I've been waaay too busy lately.

Monday was my six month anniversary of working--and damn am I getting sick of this job and my boss. I need a new project/clinet/case at work to make it interesting again.

Anyway, the weekend was very busy--I worked the Bike Show on Friday night and then had the Gala on Saturday night. My new place is turning into a hostel, and our May roommate, Mia, brought her stuff over and we hung out. Then poker at Tana's. The Gala was the high point of the weekend--very fun.

Work today was super-boring and I left before 6:00. As I was unlocking my bike, Grant road by and yelled 'hi' to me. I caught up with him, my roommate and David a few intersections later--they are the bike guys at CDOT. They were going over to Grant and Anne's place to grill out and invited me to join them. I had previous plans of preparing for dinner tomorrow night and reading evidence materials--these plans were altered immediately. We cooked and hung out on the porch for a couple of hours--it was very nice and felt good. Afterwards we caught the NCAA basketball championship game and just relaxed. Basically a great weeknight.

After we left, I still had to shop prepare for the dinner I'm cooking tomorrow for Tara, Diane and Shawna. To sate my growing desire for plantains, I decided to cook Carribean food. Here's the menu:
Smokey, Spicey Black Beans & Rice
Fried Plantains
Jicama Mango Salad
Carmelized Fresh Pineapple with Coconut Ice Cream

The base for the ice cream works best if it rests overnight, so I had to whip that together when I got home. I sort of merged a couple of ice cream recipes together to develop the coconut ice cream--hopefully it will turn out OK. I also chopped the onion, red pepper and juiced a lime to make a marinade for the salad. Cooking tomorrow will be a snap.

I think the total grocery bill was $18 to feed 4-5 people (I did forget jalepenos and cilantro). If we were going out to dinner each person would pay about that amount--so this is definitely a win-win situation: I get to cook and everyone else saves money. I'm hoping to have different people over each week. Here is the upcoming guest list:
Grant & Anne
Todd & Lisa
Emily & Ted
Hui Hwa, Mark & Sara
Tara & Isaac
Tana, Gabe & Jill
Gin & Michael
Karen & Kevin
Sarah & Sam

Goodness--almost everyone I know is coupled up! When did that happen?

John and I also decided to buy a grill, so we can also BBQ out on the porch. My summer is going to rock--but I don't know when I will sleep!


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