Monday, April 11, 2005


I rode home from work hoping to beat the impending storm (mostly to avoid having to wipe down the bike--I enjoy riding in the rain, especially storms). I had a sweet tailwind, and flew over the pavement--very few cars passed me and lights turned green under my glare. My speedometer wasn't noticed except for the few times I was slowing or stopping, and then it registered 20-23mph at first glance.

When I got home I checked my bike computer to see what my maximum speed was--thinking that I may have pushed it past the 25mph point. Imagine my utter shock when it registered 39.7mph! Good thing I was watching the road instead of the speedometer. I am pretty sure it happened on a flat stretch, because something slowed me down going down each of the overpass 'hills'. Obviously the tailwind had much, much, much to do with this speed, but damn was the ride home fun!

I think I will have to erase this maximum speed from the computer, because riding with the wind is cheating. Plus, it will probably be quite a while before I get that fast again, and I'd like to have some more realistic numbers to try to top.

Road bikes are cool.


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