Saturday, March 05, 2005

Trailer Trash & Balloon Animals

Today was float-building for next week’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Alex was gracious enough to lend us his West Town Bike workspace to build the float. The best part of the experience was biking with a fresh air trailer. The float was built on this trailer, but first I used it to pick up cardboard from a furniture store. Riding with a loaded trailer on the super-busy streets was fun. Since I was about as wide as a car, I took my lane without any problems–no honking or aggressive drivers. It felt like my size validated my right to the road and drivers gave me a wide berth. Cool–maybe I should always ride with a trailer in tow.

John, my future roommate, wants our apartment to get a fresh air trailer for hauling recyclables and kegs. Plus I’m planning on moving apartments by bicycle–so I definitely need to become comfortable riding with a trailer. These nifty creations are great for living car-free and pretty much everyone I know with a trailer adores it.

Float-building ended up working out quite well and I met a new person, Erik the Unicyclist. He seems really psyched about the parade. Jokingly I asked if he would juggle while he rides and he agreed. Crazy. Turns out he was involved with a ‘circus skills group’ and has multiple circus-y skills, including balloon animals. He promised to make me something special for the parade. Too fun. This is especially funny because Ethan and I had a long conversation on Friday about different types of clowning. Ethan went to clown college for ‘circus clowning’ and doesn’t know ‘party clown’ skills like making balloon animals. In my drunken state I was crushed that I couldn’t get a balloon animal from him–so imagine my delight when the very next day a promise of a balloon animal drops into my lap. Yes, I am 27 going on 5.

Including Erik, I now know three people who are skilled in ‘Circus Arts.’ Sometime I should invite Mitch, Ethan and Erik to a party and see if I can get them into a clown-off competition. I bet it would make me giggle for weeks.

I am getting excited about the parade now. Alex wants me to wear a tiara to symbolize my role as CBF Parade Princess (it sounds catchier than Parade Czar). He is the second person to suggest this, so I’m really considering it. Maybe I can make one out of a chain ring and other bike parts. OK, 27 going on 4.


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