Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Too Much Work, Too Much Mess

This entry written from my work desk. Time: 9:00PM. Grrrrr.

Court was OK this morning. It lasted forever, and apparently a few members of the firm were somewhat concerned that I might be in jail for contempt when I didn't come back in a reasonable time. One of the partners went to court to check it out just as we were finishing. Hearing this made my morning. tehehe. Serves them right to have to sweat a bit.

When I got back to the office my office was in shambles because my new office furniture arrived and had been swapped out. Movers and my paralegal had moved all of my stuff around. This means that all of my unprofessional things were discovered: my drawer of bras/underthings, my box of tights and nylons, a whole drawer of toiletries, my 'hamper' of extra clothes/bike clothes and my under-the-desk shoe jungle. My paralegal was humorously disgusted by the whole affair, "I can't believe I had to touch your sweaty clothes and worse." I don't think she should complain--it was my dirty laundry that was aired and pawed through (literally).

I don't use my desk for files or papers, and really only store personal articles inside it. Files/papers/books.....are kept in a messy heap on top of the desk. Now that I have more furniture, I can store even more clothes and junk in my office. I am tempted to turn a file cabinet/table thingy into a dresser to keep all of my work clothes here. Maybe I could even make the messenger/gopher guy launder my work clothes every few weeks--that would be perfect!

My poor boss--I'm sure he thinks this stuff will make my office tidier, but I doubt it. I am a messy, messy person and the more horizontal surface I have--the more mess there will be. It's the goldfish syndrome--my mess will expand to fit any space it occupies. Oh well, at least now my 'hamper' is hidden from sight. I'm sure there will always be at least sweaters tossed about--I found a missing skirt under a chair the other day (I don't know how long it was there). My office is part workspace, part dressing room and all mess.

Time to head home and get some sleep. I need to be here early tomorrow to grind out a motion to dismiss that I haven't really started yet.


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