Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sucker Fools

On Sunday night I placed the old queen-size box spring out on our third floor back porch, expecting to later clump it down the steps and haul out for an alley-scrounger to grab. Surprisingly, last night I discovered that the boxspring was gone. Neither John nor Gilby moved it. Apparently some creature of the alley spied the irresistible old boxspring and couldn’t resist its nasty charms. I’m mostly delighted by this development, because frankly I am sick of lugging stuff up and down steps, and the thief saved me a lot of effort. Sucker fools. However, this is also sort of disturbing–apparently stuff on this porch has an implied "free to haul" sign on it. Grrrr.

I hope it isn’t too much like leaving food out for a stray cat, but the mattress was put out on the porch this morning, and I am excited to see how long it lasts. I don’t have any problem with dumpster-diving, but c’mon–taking shit from porches is just not cool. I want to keep my favorite plants out there when it gets warmer, but I can’t bear to have them stolen. Time for developing a creative ‘plant-locking’ system.

Anyway, last night was another nice evening. First I rode home with a friend–the Tank has been cooped up too long and was happy to spin his wheels. When I got upstairs John and Gilby were having dinner, so I joined them and busted open a bottle of wine. I am loving how social and cozy my new place feels.

Then I actually did a little bit of unpacking–books and some clothes mostly. My room is still a disasterland of boxes, though. I am really dragging my feet and somehow expect that my stuff will magically unpack itself. Additionally, my hatred of laundry is really getting out of control. For the last two nights I washed underpants in the sink for the next day. Obviously, I am wasting more effort by NOT doing my laundry than I would expend by just bucking up and doing it. Damn laziness. Damn laundry.

On a positive note, I finally got the internet connection/wireless card on my laptop to work. Jake had fiddled around with it the other night and deemed it ‘hopeless’ but I gave it a shot anyways. I wish I could say that I figured it out, but somehow while messing with the internet settings on John’s laptop, mine just miraculously logged on. I wasn’t really doing anything at the time to warrant this, but it’s pretty cool that I have internet access at home. Now I can do work at home–oh goody!

I’m totally digging the new place. It has a much better vibe than the den of awkwardness did and my energy level is higher already. Since moving there I got to work almost an hour earlier each day because I don’t dawdle as much in the mornings. Yippee!


At 4:03 PM, Blogger Frick said...

Natural Selection (or Laissez Fair" as the conservatives would refer to as) unpacking is the way to go. Essentially just live out of your boxes, and let all your possessions find their ideal location. The items that you use a lot will always find themselves within reach, and the items that you barely use will conveniently get themselves buried out of site. When I was packing, I kept having to move my garbage can around, and couldn't decide where the best location for it was. Then one day I noticed that it had inadvertantly worked its way into spot where I hadn't even thought to put it, yet it was with out a doubt, the best place. If only all those damn liberals out there would realize how great Laissez Fair economics work, then our government could function as clean and efficiently as your room!

At 11:43 PM, Blogger jojo said...

Actually, I am pretty sure the government is cleaner and more efficient than my room will ever be.


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