Thursday, March 24, 2005

I missed my chance

Why wasn't I invited to this contest?

I found my Sketcher sandal/sneakers while moving and got excited about Spring to come so I can bust them out again. Currently their stench is basically dormant, but once it gets warm and humid out--I know they will rear back to life.

The shoes have lived with me for three summers and everyone who knows them loathes them:

2002--Frick kept pouring baking soda in them
2003--my housemates threatened to burn, throw them away, or buy me new shoes
2004--my housemates hated them even more and my boyfriend marched me into the bathroom to wash off my feet when I wore the shoes to his place

The shoes are just too damn comfortable to ever give up (although they do start to feel slimy on some days). They reek though--often I smell them when I wear them. Other people do too. Way too many times at the co-op someone would be commenting about something smelling rotten, assuming that a refrigerator needed to be cleaned out, when we realized that my shoes were the culprit. They know how to work a room. I know my housemate Dee was completely appalled by them and was disgusted that I continued to wear these stinkbombs on my feet.

But....they slip on an off without any effort, they are cushy like athletic shoes, they are great walking, biking shoes (I wore them in the triathlon...tehehe). I don't see the point in getting a new pair, since they will stench up quickly, too. Maybe I'll submit them next year in the contest.


At 3:52 AM, Blogger Frick said...

First, I think I only put baking soda in them once. Granted, it was a lot of baking soda, but if I remember correctly, you enjoyed the lack of smell, and continued to wear them even after your skin started to dissolve. (Baking soda is a medium base, which dissolves the lipids in your skin to produce, essentially, a soap. I'm fairly certain this is the closest those shoes ever came to soap)

One reason to look into a new pair is to see if they make them with MicorBan now. That's an antibacterial material that a lot of sport sandals are now coated with. Decreases the smell by half. Then again, infinity divided by two equals infinity.

Lastly, I was talking to a guy at a shoe store a while back, and he mentioned that the sure fire way to fix sandle stench, is to soak them in water and bleach. The bleach not only cleanses, but more importantly, it kills the bacteria causing the problem.

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

I love those types of contests. My brother recently entered an 'ugliest bathroom contest'. Fort some reason, inexplicable to me, he lost. His bathroom is really amazingly, disgustingly bad.


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