Friday, March 04, 2005

Court Creeps

Goodness what a loong day at work. I’m actually getting stuff done, but it is taking forever for the day to end. The boss is gone so everyone is screwing around. Plus I think the office is on its fifth pot of coffee and we are all hopped up too much caffeine (or maybe it’s just me). I’ve given my secretary the files I want copied to work on for the weekend and have mentally cashed out for today. Unfortunately, I am expecting one more friggin’ call from my boss so I need to stick around, thumbs a’twiddlin’.

I feel like I have horns or a tail or something odd-looking going on today because lots of people seemed to be staring at me. I thought it was my imagination, but two people snapped pictures of me as I rode in this morning. These days happen every so often, but I’m always creeped out–I keep checking to make sure that I am not flashing people or wearing clothes inside-out/backwards. My clothes were my everyday biking clothes and the mirror didn’t reveal anything out of the ordinary, so I think it is just one of those unsettling days. Grrrr.

Court was especially bad–a lot of the older male attorneys haven’t learned that women can see them too! I think this understanding is normally acquired by age six, but disappears in the court hallways and elevators. There are tons of men just brazenly ogling the women as they walk by or approach the judge’s bench. Knock it off, assholes! Too bad I’d lose my license if I’d ever act on my impulse to backhand some of these pricks. Maybe I’ll just start growling at them and baring my teeth.......jackasses.


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