Saturday, March 05, 2005

Closing the Handlebar

Once again, my friend Ethan and I basically closed the Handlebar down for the night. This has been far too frequent of an activity lately. The bartender made this painfully apparent when he noted that we were already there when he started his shift. ouch. I don’t know if this a reason for or against me buying into the place. On the one hand–it might actually save me money in the long-run if I don’t have to pay full ticket price for food and drink. More realistically, I will probably spend even more time there than I already do. Thankfully it is smoke-free.

One undeniable benefit of buying into the Hbar is to get some fucking service at the joint. I swear I am invisible to the bartenders and waitstaff some nights. Signals that I want another drink are emanating in huge waves from my body: my glass is empty, I’m at the bar, I’m holding money, I’m waiving money, I’m staring, staring, glaring.....and then finally a bartender will actually make eye contact and seem startled by my presence. grrrr.....they’ll be singing a different tune if/when I buy into the place.

Anyway, after I tipsily biked home I expected to go right to bed, but we had company. My friend Jen was in town again for interviews and she extended her trip to include Friday night. Isaac was saintly and foraged outside for Flash Taco to sate my late night tamale craving. Because, really what is more sensible than eating tamales at 3:00 in morning–oh yeah, SLEEPING.

I’m really happy for Jen. She has several job interviews and is trying to step back a bit from working crazy hours. Currently her soul is owned and highly leveraged by a NY law firm. She considers getting home from work at 10:30pm ‘early’ and often starts working at 4:00am. Fuck that. She hopes to get a job in Chicago that will give her more free time, even if it means less $$$. Yeah for her. Hopefully more of my friends will start making this sort of choice in the near future, because I hate to see all of them so stressed and burning out.

So two Fridays in a row have been spent drinking too much at the Hbar, and then hanging out into the wee hours with Isaac. My Friday nights are basically devoted to bikey events: 1st Friday of the month-- CBF happy hour at the Hbar, 2nd Friday–CCM happy hour/party, last Friday–CCM. Fun stuff–but I need to learn how to get my butt to bed earlier.


At 12:51 PM, Blogger Sascha said...

It's the junk food and alcohol consumption that makes me glad I ride my bike and run so much. Or I'd be the size of a small office building I think.

At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, perhaps service is in relation to how much you tip and or how pleasant you are.

At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, perhaps service is in relation to how much you tip and or how pleasant you are.

At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, perhaps service is in direct relationship to how much you tip and or how pleasant you are to the barkeep?


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