Friday, March 25, 2005

Boil Order

Tonight I returned to the Den of Awkwardness to pick up my phone/answering machine. My last two weeks of no phone are coming to an end--not being able to be reached is pretty fun.

Taped on the door of the building was a sign from the City which read"......some customers have water pressure, but remain on a BOIL ORDER until samples pass......"

Too bad I missed that--apparently it started on Monday. Boiling drinking water--what a joy.

The Den of Awkwardness now sucks even more than it did before. This weekend is the final clean-up, and it won't be fun. The place is a hell-pit. The alley scavengers will be quite happy on Saturday night, though. I think there is a chance that we will toss out beer.

On a better note, my boss is leaving for New York tomorrow morning, and the other partner will be gone at mid-day, too. The screwing around will be non-stop. Plus, it's the last Friday of the month--so Good Friday = Happy Friday! March Critical Mass!


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