Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bike Move!

I slept in my new apartment last night: the bike move has begun. Too, too much fun. Normally moving is horrible, but so far this has been fun and I'm excited for the rest of the move.

I borrowed the CBF fresh air trailer and Hardrock bike and moved two loads after work last night. At John’s request, I brought over my pots and pans because he is having a dinner party tonight–I also emptied out most of my liquor cabinet. My bakeware and other random cooking implements still need to be packed and moved, but most of the weight of my cookware is moved.

After packing for a while I came upon a horrible realization: I am going to pack dirty clothes. Inside my head arguments raged about the merits of this choice ["you will be so pissed at having a mound of dirty laundry at your new place" "I can’t possibly be expected to move and launder simultaneously–it’s inhumane".....] I knew however, that once this dirty seed was planted it couldn’t be irradicated. Then, it started to make more sense–dirty clothes take less care to move, because I can cram them into pillowcases and tie them down onto the trailer without any concern about them getting dirty or wrinkled. Plus, I can just trot them downstairs into the basement laundry room and deal with them later. So now I have come full circle: moving dirty clothes is the best way to go! Whether or not this is just a defensive form of rationalization is yet to be determined.

My first night/morning at the new place went fine: I slept well, woke up early and scooted into work before 8:00 [reading newspapers, emailing......NOT working]. Tonight I’ll bring over at least two more loads and enjoy the dinner party. Already I feel energized and productive from this move–the Den of Awkwardness’ initials are too apt.


At 8:53 PM, Blogger equipoise said...

I saw some photos of a bike move online somewhere ... hopefully you'll capture some shots of your move and post 'em too! Especially the refrigerator :-)

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Julien said...

Congratulations for your bike move! Bike moves are getting a bit more popular now, but back in 2005 you really where a pioneer. I'm doing bike moves for a living since 2008 and I'd like to share some tips to you and your readers:


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