Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Adios Jorge, Hello Lisa

I decided to get my legs waxed today, given that I am attending a formal gala on Saturday. There is a place near my job that charges the same as my normal waxer, Jorge, does. With a twinge of guilt, I decided to give this new place a shot--and Lisa did a fantastic job.

I loved going to Jorge though, because it was so fun. His mannerisms mimick a traditionally effeminate gay male, so he is very entertaining. However, the best part was his 'bedside' manner. Normally salons are super concerned about creating a calming, serene environment--but not Jorge.

Usually the waxer will gently explain that she will leave the room while you remove your pants/skirt and lie down on the table and cover up with a towel if you'd like--then the waxer will knock and wait for permission to enter. Jorge instead just says "take off your pants/skirt and then 'up on the table'" as he pats the table and stays in the room. I guess it's sort of weird, but I find it hilarious. He has a great location and could make a killing if he could lure the surrounding Lakeview yuppies into his salon, but that won't happen with his current manner.

Lisa did a very good job, but the experience was far more relaxing than entertaining. There were several funny moments when she noticed some other 'problems' and tried to sell me other services. She made slight gasping noises when she saw my hands and feet and immediately suggested a pedicure and manicure, and seemed shocked when I declined. I think she was appalled that a woman would voluntarily walk around with nails in my condition--but I really can't care about it.

Anyway, given how close it is to work, and how good of a job she did--I probably won't see Jorge again.

The rest of my afternoon was weird because my boss got in one of his crazy funks. Basically every attorney had to deal with him being a dick on at least one of their cases. He hit two of my files and was pretty hard on me and EM by making ridiculous demands. About a half an hour later (after he had dinner) he came into my office, nice as can be, so we could go over the file again--but this time he was reasonable and seemed almost apologetic. To be 'helpful', he decided that tomorrow we should work together for several hours on this file. This will really suck, but he seems to think I should be grateful and excited for this opportunity. blech--the other attorneys will owe me for getting him out of their hair for those hours.

I wonder what would happen if we slipped him some Ritalin or Prozack....


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