Tuesday, March 22, 2005

14 Hours Lost

On Monday I was at work for almost 14 hours working on an outline and attachments/exhibits for a deposition scheduled for 8:15 this morning. Almost all of my boss’s craziness was on display: he kept giving long ‘emergency’ assignments to my paralegal (so she couldn’t get my work done), at 6:00 he completely changed his mind about the organization and made me redo everything, then he became super-OCD about the most trivial details that don’t matter at all (I prefer yellow highlighting, this binder is too big, I don’t like the font on this label). Normally his micro-managing rolls off me pretty easily, but at 9:30pm when I am sleep deficient from a long weekend and have skipped both lunch and dinner to work on the project....well, it didn’t please me too much.

He had the gall to complain about why this simple project was taking too long. Everyone in the firm knows that most projects take too long because we spend too much time molding our work to fit his crazy, ever-changing expectations. More galling is the fact that this type of project usually takes between 20-30 hours and I was pumping it out in record time. My paralegal looked ready to bitch-slap him, so I had to try to keep both of them in check at the same time. She takes his craziness personally and I shield her from it as much as possible–this has earned me her loyalty and is the reason she was voluntarily there at 9:30, when she can leave at 5:00 without a care in the world.

Anyway, I finally, groggily, shuffled out of the building and couldn’t wait to crawl into bed. This would have been a great plan, but the hamsters had long since called it quits, and I was on auto pilot. I don’t think I have felt this bone-tired since high school. Stupidly, I biked back to my old neighborhood, instead of my new apartment. The time/distance isn’t a big deal, but I tried to cover up my spaciness by doing some grocery shopping and making the trip somewhat productive. I wandered around the Jewel for almost an hour–nearly everything I wanted was out of stock. Everything was mesmerizing–somehow I even found myself staring in confusion at stuff in the cosmetics aisle. That place is weird–so many colors to smear on women’s faces–it was as repulsively irresistible as a train wreck.

This morning I had to come in early for final preparation for the interview–and my boss had ramped up his craziness in the interim. moreMoreMORE! Hilariously, in the initial moments of the interview, I learned that there was a stipulation that we could only discuss a very specific topic. My boss belated remembered that he agreed to it over the phone, forgot to tell me and then completely forgot about it. Basically everything that I prepared yesterday and this morning was irrelevant. Too fucking funny. He is totally sheepish around me because he knows that he royally messed up. One of his big things is ‘information transfer’ between attorneys and he constantly harps about writing memos so everyone is ‘on the same page’ and nothing gets forgotten. So I am pretty much digging the situation and the quick turn of the table.

The interview closed and the opposing attorney mentioned that he needed to quickly run to court on a related case that I usually monitor. My boss directed me to attend even though I protested that it was a confidential mediation session and that I could not participate in it. He directed me to go ‘just in case’. Crazy. I trotted back to my office, grabbed my ID and helmet and wheeled on over to the federal building fast as I could.

This was a completely scandalous ride because the suit I wore today is not a good biking suit–especially with the straight top bar of the Hardrock. I think riding in some skirts requires the same principle of tightrope-walking – don’t ever look down. Just ignore how high the skirt is hitched up and keep moving. Other than the constant flashing, it was a pretty fun trip, and I got to wander around the federal courts in all-out lawyer garb while carrying a helmet and bike seat. The guards chuckled at me, dug around in my bag and gave me a full metal detector wanding, too. As expected I couldn’t attend the mediation session, so I turned right around and came back to the office. Heading to make the left turn from Dearborn onto Randolph I wound up being part of a bike train with two messengers. Too bad I had to head back into the office, though because riding was too fun this morning.

This lawyer gig is weird.


At 11:05 PM, Blogger equipoise said...

That's TOTALLY crazy - you bust your ass all day without food, only to find that all your hard work is irrelevant because his inattentive ass forgot about a verbal agreement he made. Pure craziness!


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