Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Things I hate about work

  • Word Perfect. The legal world still uses this horrible, clumsy, ass-backwords word-processing program. Oh yeah--and we write a lot and formatting really, really matters in this anal-retentive profession.
  • Support staff who don't support. Imagine you have been given several assignments involving setting up a conference call with 3 attorneys, a court reporter and an inmate in a maximum-security prison for 2:00. Also imagine that the attorneys don't know the phone system well enough to make conference calls, and you have the contact information for all of the parties. Obviously under these circumstances the appropriate action is taking an hour-long lunch without preparing the conference room, giving the phone numbers to other support staff, or informing me. Thanks for making me look completely incompetent in front of another attorney as I scrambled to find phone numbers and have other people get the appropriate phone hooked up. "But I didn't know you wanted those things done--I did all you asked of me." Bullshit--this is standard procedure, and any idiot can anticipate what I wanted. The worst thing is she is by far the best paralegal we have.
  • Support staff who not only don't support but expect me to do their work. After weeks of me asking the file clerk to clean up the main file I work on, which has been atrocious since I started there, she burst into my office today and tried to scold me for the state of the file. Sure, a lot of it is probably my fault from when I first started, but much more is her fault--after all she is the File Clerk. But more importantly, it doesn't matter. I had previously told her I would shoulder any responsibility with the boss. After she continued to act as if this is the biggest catastrophy in the world I started giggling and she completely went off and demanded that I sort out the files immediately because she 'wasn't going to take the heat for this'. She stormed out of my office pissed off and went home. I don't like to pull rank and I always treat the staff like people and not just workers to boss around, but who the fuck do you think you are? I found this interaction so hilarious and incredible that I told another attorney whose response was, "how dare she fuck with someone whose name is on the front door." She is by far the laziest person at the firm and I really don't have the patience to deal with her anymore.

I wish the boss would hold the staff to the same standards that he does his attorneys. For the number of attorneys we actually have more than enough support staff to handle the work. Unfortunately, they are so unreliable that most of the young attorneys don't even bother using them for anything more complicated than printing letters out on our letterhead--and often times this simple task becomes a complicated affair.

Contrary to how bitchy this post is, I am far more amused than pissed off. Seriously, the file clerk tried to tell me what to do and yell at me--how ridiculous is that?


At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She tried to take control of the situation from you. Don't let her do it again. Pull rank. I mess up files all the time when I work on them. But somebody always tidies them for me. I don't have time to. Set her straight.


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