Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Sunday was still warm and after I left the 'Build day' for the Critical Mass Art Show I biked over to my friends' place for a superbowl party. [this is a tradition for us and I spent less than 10 minutes watching the game] The ride over was delightful, not just because of the weather, but because I received several great reactions from motorists.

First I was waiting on Damen at a red light to cross Fullerton. I noticed an old guy (60+) in the passenger seat of a car in the left turn lane staring and nodding at me happily. I checked to make sure I wasn't unwittingly flashing him (all was good--my skirt was where it should be) and then returned the head nod. This only made him more animated and he began to pump his fist and his smile took over his face. Thanks, but c'mon Green Light. When the light finally turned he rolled down his window to yell something to the effect of 'keep riding, honey!' I was laughing my ass off for the next several miles. Apparently I am an old dude magnet.

Most of Damen is great for riding, but there is this stretch that isn't as cool near the Costo, big-box retail mess. The traffic speeds up and the road feels more like Western or Ashland and bikes feel less welcomed. Around this area a woman had pulled her car halfway out of parking lot and blocked my path. I gave her my best scowl as I approached (completely lost in the blazing fury of my headlight, of course) and she reversed her car out of my way. I waved my thanks and again received a big smile and fist pumping. First the old guy and then a middle-aged woman--the world loves bicycles! I felt warm and fuzzy for the rest of the ride.

This was around 6:00-6:30pm. All of the nation's past and present frat boys' asses were off of the street, drunkenly watching the superbowl by this time. Were the motorists just happier than usual because of the nice weather? Or were there a higher percentage of nice people on the streets with the removal of the fratty drivers? Hmmmm.....I would love to see a break-down of car accidents during the hours of the superbowl or other major sporting events.


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