Monday, February 14, 2005

On a lighter note

I posted more CCM Art Show pictures--including the Flying Blade of Death.

I left my bike out in the rain yesterday hoping that some of the salt would get washed away. Compounded laziness at its best! Too lazy to give my bike a proper cleaning and too lazy to haul it upstairs = natural bike wash!

I truly believe that ingenuity occurs most frequently at the intersection of intelligence and laziness.

This is the intelligence/motivation matrix (as I see it):

Lazy + Stupid = everyday slob,
-Lazy + Smart = successful, worker-bee cog
-Lazy + Stupid = annoying, I-want-to-kick-you,worker-bee cog
Lazy + Smart = inventiveness at its best

But anyway, I digress....the whole point of the bike/rain/overnight background was not to be a springboard for tangents. My bike made the best noises this morning. Somethings, somewhere were rubbing. Instead of the normal annoying noises that my fenders make, my bike sounded like a percussion section. My bike was producing fantastic syncopated rhthyms that I could change and modify with the speed I pedaled. Too fun--I was jamming all the way to work this morning as I played with my mobile instrument.

Another thing I noticed this morning is that my bedcovers are wild in the morning lately. Somehow last night the duvet managed a 180 turn so that this morning the buttons were by my head. My blanket was turned sideways and the flat sheet was just a ball by my feet. I don't even remember having any weird dreams lately. Normally I am a pretty calm sleeper--regularly I don't move at all during the night, so this is odd. I know when I was young I used to kick in my sleep--maybe that tendency has returned.


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