Wednesday, February 02, 2005

March Brothers March

I'm taking Big Brother's idea of using a blog as a message board for a possible March visit.

Here is what I currently have planned for March weekends:

3/5-3/6 Nothing planned yet--but also too early in March for the possible restaurant celebration.
3/12-3/13 St. Patrick Day Parade weekend. The city dyes the river green and the alcohol flows in the street. Officially dubbed "Parade Czar" at CBF, I am trying to get a bicycle float in both the Saturday and Sunday Chicago St. Pats Parades. These parades are huge and I think have over a million people along the route. A visit this weekend means riding the in the CBF float(s). As my brothers, I think that makes you Dukes or Princes.
3/19-3/20 Nothing planned yet, late enough in the month for the 10G check to be written and celebrated.
3/26-3/27 Critical Mass, Easter Weekend and the probable weekend of Frick's cruise. Except for the cruise this is potentially a great weekend to visit if you have off on Good Friday (Happy Friday!).
4/1-4/3 Super-bikeity weekend! The CBF "Healthy Streets Conference" and the CBF 20th Anniversary Gala take place this weekend. I volunteered at the conference last year and it was absolutely great and really informative. I may even give a 'Biking and the Law' presentation if my boss will count it as pro-bono hours. The gala was great, too--I am really looking forward to this weekend.

So, anyway those are my weekends in March. If either of you have thoughts/preferences please let me know. Oh yeah, I can borrow bikes for you on any weekend.

One last thing issue. I signed up for life insurance today--you two are listed as my beneficiaries. At least if I become road jam I don't want my death contributing to cherub overpopulation, mutant corn varieties or any other ceramic-related socio-environmental catastrophy.


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Frick said...

How much is the policy?

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Frick said...

I still think it would make more sense for you two to come and visit me. I'm already flying much more than is necessary. The highs in Sacramento are mid 60's lows about 40ish.

At 9:04 PM, Blogger jojo said...

Frick--Don't even think about putting a hit out on your sis to fund your next trip or road bike. To answer the question though, I honestly don't know how much the policy is worth.

I am all for heading to CA to visit you--but that is dependant on the restaurant/$$$ situation. I suggested the Chicago visit because you previously said you planned to come back 'home' sometime in March anyway. If I buy the restaurant, then I won't have much money for airfare but will have a kick-ass reason for the whole family to come visit me. So you could spend a fun weekend in Chicago, get credit for visiting the fam but not have to deal with weirdness/boredom/filth of mum and dad's house. It's brilliant!


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