Monday, February 28, 2005

Frozen Snot Century--The Morning After

I am getting nothing done today at work. Last Friday seems so long ago that I can’t even remember the cases that I am working on, much less care to work on them. My billables are going to be atrocious today.

The physical fallout from the Frozen Snot Century so far seems minimal:

My legs are very warm and bigger than usual (I tried on a pair of pants and everything fit normally except the upper legs were skintight). Apparently my muscles are still engorged. Additionally, my legs are hot–they are just pumping off heat and feel sort of hard even when they aren't flexed. The ponies weren’t very peppy this morning but I think I made it to work in record time (because of the road bike), and went up the hills without breaking pace.

Left knee is sort of achey, but nothing too bad.

My butt is a little sore–but not noticeable unless I think about it.

Shoulders/arms/back–I can feel that I worked them, but they aren’t nearly as sore as when I weight lift.

My wrists and hands are probably the most painful part of my body. The most comfortable riding position was to ball my hands into fists and prop them, pinky-side down, against the ‘horns’ of the bars–unfortunately this kept my hands from the brakes–so it often wasn’t safe to do this. I used the drop bars for less than five miles total because it was just too much of a stretch for me. I need a hand massage.

The balls of my feet hurt a little for some reason–it feels like I have been walking in heels for long distances. Weird.

Overall I feel a little tired, but it’s barely noticeable.

I am still hungry! What the hell–we ate constantly yesterday, and I didn’t skimp on the fat/sugar. We ate like sumo wrestlers in training. I wasn’t hungry all weekend long because we kept getting food. I don’t know if my body actually still needs more calories to repair the damage I did this weekend, or if it is just trying to ride the wave of gluttony a bit further. Anyway, I didn’t expect to wake up hungry this morning.

My hair looks fantastic–it has well over 200 miles of sweat in it and I couldn’t bring myself to wash it this morning. [I realize that this is disgusting. Too bad.] Anyway, instead of being an oilslick it has a sort of messy, just-fucked look that I am digging. I’ve read that models often get this look by soaking their hair in super-salty water before styling–which is basically what I did–except in a much grosser fashion (my bun was soaked with sweat every time we stopped).

Considering how good I feel today, I suspect that the damage is delayed until tomorrow. I worked way too hard for way too many miles to not have the piper collect his due. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow I am hobbled by soreness.


At 2:34 PM, Blogger Lunatic Biker said...

Yep! You're all that. 200 miles!! I rode the Ironman hungover once and had some severe cramping problems. Great posts.

At 10:57 PM, Blogger Frick said...

You have to get used to those feelings. I'm thinking ironman in summer/fall 2006. And you know what that means, (breaking into song) And you know what that means... A Jo, A Jo, running down the road, swearing all of the way. Swearing all of the waaaay.

At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Bobby said...

I live in DC, and you should see all the Congressmen riding around on their little razor scooters.

At 12:17 AM, Blogger jojo said...

Frick: you punk-ass bastard.

I demand at least a solid year of warning to train. When I start training for that blasted thing--your fate is sealed. I don't care if you break both your legs doing some skydiving/rockclimbing/trail running craziness--you can pull yourself along by your chin for all I care--but you have to hold up your end of this sick bargain.

ugh. Expect to be out of the running for 'favorite brother' for quite a while, too.


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