Sunday, February 20, 2005

Den of Sin

Pact: Isaac and I each shall hook up on Ted's bed before we move out April 1.
(not together!)

Woo Hoo! Glasses clinked in agreement and the group drunkenly voiced its approval.

Last night I was in the bathroom pondering this agreement and had several thoughts. First, I am probably the only person with the requisite sobriety to remember the pact. Secondly, it really isn't the sort of thing to enforce. So logistically, this doesn't impose an obligation that I feel at all compelled to honor.

Most importantly--What the Fuck is Wrong with Us?

This group of seven young adults is extremely intelligent and motivated (as much as we consider ourselves slackers, our perspective if really skewed and our comparison group is insanely competitive). My guesstimate is that together we will be paid about a million dollars in 2005.

We are some of the 'best and the brightest' that are lauded by politicians as the 'future of tomorrow'. Yet this is the Junk We Come Up With? Crazy, crazy, crazy. The immaturity we display as a group is disturbing, and the narcisstic lives many of us lead are appalling.

Not only will I most likely not hold up my end of this pact, but I also need to recognize the huge rift between these friends and the type of person who I strive to be. Even given all of our differences and tensions, I still feel a sense of impending loss as I anticipate downshifting into an even more ancillary member of this friend group. Moving out of the Den of Awkwardness should at least make this transition easier.

--Oh yeah, I finally got the pictures to work on the CCM Art Show and Auto-show protests posts. (apparently linking to a Yahoo! photo album doesn't work for those who don't have permission to view it) The blade of death got a little shy, but now is ready to be seen!!


At 9:20 AM, Anonymous epeeist said...

Together is more efficient.


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