Monday, February 28, 2005

CCM/FSC Roll Call

Below are pictures of some of the Frozen Snot Century riders taken the night before at Friday's Critical Mass ride:

The Doll.

The doll spent at least 220 miles riding like this.
(The snow pants I forgot on the FSC--dammit!)

Sarah and Sam riding High and Proud on their Tallbikes.

Besides her great riding, Sarah is a fantastic bike mechanic.

Sam rode all the way to Milwaukee on this Monster!
Sarah and Sam are one of the super-cool Bikey Couples.

Stoner on the Tadpole

Stoner testing out the tadpole recumbent .
Read about his Frozen Snot Century Experience


The Big uber-bike tourer who I drafted shamelessly off of.

Me again on my Borrowed Steed.

Just me again--my jacket is actually baby blue, but all of the little reflectors make it glow white under lights.


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