Wednesday, February 23, 2005


OK--it's just a little after noon and I've just done two embarassing things in as many minutes:

Walking back with my sandwich, I glanced in the alley and made eye contact with some guy. I smiled and gave him the 'head nod'--and then realized that he was taking a piss. I got a super-creepy smile in return. Nice.

Moments later I sort of got busted stretching in the elevator: I stand in a corner, hold onto the railing and hop up to rest my feet on the bars and stretch out my inner thighs. It is completely unlady-like. Today, I realized that the elevator stopped at a floor under mine, so I scrambled to get my legs and skirt down as the door was opening. A heel got caught so I ended up yanking my foot out and dropping my sandwich in my haste. I don't think I flashed the guy getting on the elevator. He seemed very confused as to the half-shod, blushing girl reaching over to grab her other shoe from the railing, picking up her sandwich from the floor and then scurrying out the door only to bust into giggles.

I don't blush easily, but now I am in my office--door closed and laughing my ass off.

I am a total tool.


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

You are a tool, but at least you are a self-aware tool. Take it from me (tool extraordinaire), self-awareness makes all the difference between cool tools and uncool tools.

At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once a cheerleader, always........


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