Sunday, January 23, 2005

Saturday night

Chicago experienced a blizzard on Saturday and we are blanketed under 6-8 inches of snow. I biked to my friend Gabe's party. What a fun, silly, frustrating experience that was. Apparently I picked the 'snow-plows on strike' route--only a few blocks were plowed at all, so most were completely rutted. The ride was very silly and several times I just got off the bike to push it the snow. Giggles galore--it was both funny and fun. Many cars were trying to 'rock' out of their spots, wheels were spinning uselessly and owners were unhappily trying to free their metal prisons from the snow prisons.

One guy who was making decent forward progress, rolled down his window to express total disbelieve that I was able to ride, "man how can you even move in this stuff!" He didn't seem to believe me when I laughingly said it was fun. I arrived at Gabe's safe and happy. When Diane heard me remark that it was fun outside she chided, "says the girl who can simply pick her transportation up when it gets stuck." Well, duh--it's a beatiful thing.

Adorable lawyer-boy M showed up to my surprise. As per our tradition, we spent most of the evening speaking with each other as Diane shot me naughty looks. I told him about my upcoming restaurant thing and he excitedly suggested that I stop being a lawyer to cook and manage the restaurant. Too adorable.

I very much enjoy that his advice to me about career/life stuff always skews in the direction of getting out of law, getting my Masters in Urban Planning degree, scaling back hours and basically doing whatever makes me happy and satisfied, instead of more financially secure. Most of my other law friends are in the mindset of 'suck it up until you absolutely can't stand it.' I told him that I no longer was very interested in getting a higher $, higher hours job, but instead thought that it was more likely that I would move in the opposite direction by looking for a government job that paid less, but was more 9-5. He completely agreed because he believed a big firm would make me miserable and he didn't want to see that happen. Too bad he doesn't apply this to his own life and unhappiness.

M isn't happy, and hearing it makes me sad for him. It seems like he should take the advice he dispensed to me and try to scale back his own hours. I don't see him seriously considering that for quite a while though. Almost none of my law friends are happy with their lives/hours and I wish they would really consider doing something about it now, instead of waiting another few years until they are completely burned out, or in the midst of a full-fledge midlife crisis.

He definitely expressed interest in the cocktail party next Saturday, so hopefully I will be able to chat with him then, too. I obviously still find him adorable, but it may be transitioning into a platonic adoration. That would be nice.


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