Friday, January 28, 2005

Random Babblings

Work: This week has probably been my best week of 2005. I am hitting my recommended billable hours and didn't feel cranky. Thank goodness. I'm also moving a lot of work across my desk, too.
Today I met with a new client--a young woman who is the fashion/travel editor for the Chicago Sun-Times. Afterwards when we were speaking with the boss about the meeting, Mike mentioned that she said I was cool and hip and seemed to like me. The boss pondered this and basically decided that I should be used as a 'networking tool' to develop relationships with young, upward professionals. He suggested setting up a policy for me to lunch with some of our younger clients to strengthen relationships. Ummm--that sounds fun, but I can see a few problems: First, I'm not exactly hip. Odd is not synonymous with hip. Second, I have far too much candor to be a good networker--some have said that I am socially awkward. Third I am not exactly a poster-child for the legal profession.
Apartment: I filled out my tenant application form. It asked for credit card and bank account numbers along with standard background and SSN. Fuck that. My future landlord need not know my bank account and credit card numbers--should I give him my mother's maiden name along with my favorite pet's name too? So I left it blank. If he has a problem with it I think I'm going to ask him for his bank account number as part of my screening process. Oh well.
Icicle Bicycle Festival: I went to the Derailleur collating party tonight after work. It was fun, as usual. One of the other girls who I have been getting to know damn near jumped when someone asked for my advise as an attorney, she was so surprised. She thought people were joking and asked several times for verification. I can't take this as anything but a compliment. tehehe.
It sounds like several people are planning on coming to my cocktail party on Saturday. Yippee!
Also it was suggested that I make the move to my new apartment via bicycle. I have thought about this, but don't know if I should attempt it given that I myself don't own a trailer. Several people offered to help, so maybe I'll try it. Regardless, I need to start planning for the move.


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