Monday, January 10, 2005


Last Thursday I invited friends over for a potluck to be followed by a trip to hear Kelly Hogan at the Hideout. Several interesting things developed:

First, the turnout was nearly all bikey people and the only lawyer friends were my roomates and Emily. Bikey people overall are definitely cooler andor less busy than law friends. Let the record also show that this was Episode II of these three together in the same room socially since the incident spawning the Den of Awkwardness occurred. Overall, that seemed fine with very little noticable weirdness. Since Ted doesn't stay here anymore, and Isaac and I have messy bedrooms, we jokingly designated his room as the place to 'entertain unexpected guests', should that unlikely situation occur. Ted promptly took his nice comforter when he left.

Secondly, no one brought brownies. WTF? Normally potlucks end up being dessert-skewed, so I didn't provide anything sweet. Did ill-fated New Year's Resolutions cause this weird turn of events?

Third--Matt managed an 11th hour resurrection from being permanently deleted as a crush. He was on the email invite and didn't respond, so on Tuesday I pretty much decided that he wasn't interested. Done and done. Then Thursday afternoon he replied in the affirmitive. He didn't come to the potluck, but I met him and Lisa at the show. While talking he told me that not only did he enjoy Kelly Hogan, but that the Hideout was one of his favorite bars and that he liked Devil in a Woodpile even more*. Damn and double Damn the boy. How dare he steal my solace in knowing that my crush on him is over and replace it with more reasons to support his adorability? Seriously, on the day that I was sorta miffed at the law friends for not coming out, Matt shows them all up. Anyway, the book of Matthew is open for at least another chapter or two.

*I live in hipster central. Arty is the norm, indie music rules and posers abound. In this environment of faux-individualism, the Hideout is truly off of the beaten path and DIAW is a truly quirky group--in fact its a jug band. This place is truly eclectic, eccentric and energizing with a crowd consisting of the most random characters ever. They have always served PBR in cans and mounted fish have hung on the walls forever--not just recently to be ironic. I have begged my law friends to go there, but they always have excuses. I even took Frick there once, but my law friends haven't been convinced. This wouldn't normally be a big deal, but I find it exasperating that my few hipper-than-thou friends refuse to go to a place that actually is what the bars they seek out pretend to be. grrrr. Matt however, is not one of these friends. He doesn't pretend to be hip--and in fact thinks that whole scene is silly. He comes across as pretty conventional and strait-laced--but actually is quirky, interesting and independant. Instead of advertising his non-mainstream interests and ideas, he hides them as little gems to be discovered unexpectedly. What a delight compared to the posers who would tattoo "I am no sheep" on their forehead if it became popular.


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