Monday, January 31, 2005

No Fall-Out

I may escape from the Den of Awkwardness unscathed! At work today Gabe asked me questions about my upcoming move. His interest seemed genuine and friendly so we chatted a bit about the neighborhood and my future roommate. Gabe went to the Bike Winter benefit concert and even bought an Illinois First! CD. He seems excited about me moving in with a musician and promised to come to 'shindigs' that I have at the new place.

I asked what people thought of me moving out and he indicated that no one was upset with me and instead are transferring the original blame onto Ted. Score! It's not as if this will have any negative effect on Ted since they already refuse to speak with him. I didn't realize how much this was stressing me out until I found out that I need not worry about it.

On an unrelated Gabe note: Last night I dreamt that he and I were getting make-overs at a nude, gay, male spa. Apparently my subconscious has some issues to work out.


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