Sunday, January 30, 2005


Somehow I stumbled across this little gem: i-love-my-phone

Please don't read too much of her blog because it may hurt your brain the way it hurt mine. Unfortunately, having already applied, attended and graduated from a fancy law school I read many of her posts with gapers' delay morbid fascination. So neurotic, so shallow, so ridiculous, so wordy and self-important.....can't. break. free.

If you do read her profile and a few of her entries about law school admissions, please realize that this type of person made up the majority of my law school class. Tack on the outright misfits, the hard-line capitalists, the politicians-in-waiting, the simple assholes, the old money and add layers of pressure, mountains of ego, too much competition and you have a social, moral train racing to derail. What a miserable experience. Thank goodness I found the friends there that I did in such a human wasteland.

Anyway, I love how she 'likes to be different' by completely obsessing about her phone, lusting after other people's phones and bragging about people's envy of her phone. It's a phone. Get over it.

Maybe she should choose her law school based on whether or not the school's colors match her phone.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Frick said...

Or better yet, maybe she should choose a law school based on whether she sees a car similar to hers parked in front by the school.

At 7:11 PM, Blogger jojo said...

Punk-ass. That was different for at least two reasons: 1. I had already decided to go to UW-Stevens Point and the car was just a sign that I made the right decision, and 2. That POS car certainly was not any sort of status symbol, seeing others on the road made me happy because it proved that there were still other Renault Encores running.

Besides, part of the reason I couldn't look away from her blog was because some of her thoughts mirrored mine at the time. It is hard not to be obsessed during the process. She takes it much farther than I did though and is inordinately concerned about the name-recognition of her school to non-lawyers.

Plus she lists TV and soap operas as some of her interests. Yikes.


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