Saturday, January 22, 2005

Gross, gross, gross

I unwittingly created a science experiment on my stovetop. Before the deep chill last week, I had a large pot with leftover chili outside on the fire escape. I brought it inside to thaw and realized that water leaked in and I had about two additional inches of ice in the pot. I knew this was going to be a mess to dispose of, so I sort of willfully ignored it as it sat covered on the stove.

One of the reasons I initially put it on the stove was so the pilot light would melt it quicker--but I completely forgot about this fact during the week. Today I decided to deal with it and was treated to a mold wonderland--it was a rich, dense landscape of mold diversity. Nas-tee.

Cleaning one disgusting pot gave me the courage to face the rest of the refrigerator. Isaac and I each have bad fridge habits that the other does not inhibit with disapproval. This apartment is a race to the bottom since there are no social checks on bad habits.

Now the refridgerator is clean, the dishes have been cleaned and are now being additionally sterilized in the dishwasher and their contents are outside in the dumpster. The grossness level of the apartment went down significantly in the last hour! I aspire to clean the rest of the apartment today, but I am becoming doubtful.

John G. seems to be a pretty clean person, so I need to get back into practice in the next month to be a better roommate. Like the chili on the stove, the Den of Awkwardness has provided to be a fertile ground for filth to flourish.


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