Monday, January 17, 2005

Dropping the First Shoe

Actually I did it barefoot and in my robe. Isaac didn't want to commit to a meeting with a hidden agenda that Ted was involved in. So this morning I told him that I was thinking about moving out. We agreed to discuss the details after he gets home from work tonight. So far he has responded pretty well--I hope I can get him to actually talk about his plans/feelings/thoughts/fears with me tonight.

Complicating the issue is that he got an offer for his first temp lawyer position--and it starts tomorrow. So today he is quitting his job for a two week position. I am sure that now this seems even more risky than it did a few hours ago to him. It actually is a great opportunity, because it has almost twice the hours at twice the wage--plus he will actually have legal work on his resume, so it will help him get future jobs.

Anyway--I feel relieved that this is out in the open, but I am still worried how he feels about it.


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