Saturday, December 04, 2004

"Nice Ass!"

Today was Ed's last day, so all of the attorneys at the firm went out to lunch to wish him well (the lucky bastard). I will miss the boy, because he is amazingly nice and we have worked on many cases together. Lunch was nice, and then Don asked how the workshop went yesterday--so I told the "keep your apples up" story. People were flabbergasted, and agreed with my instincts--and also agreed that I do not usually look pissed off. However, for the rest of the day (and probably quite a long time) the fun office phrase involves keeping apples up! Later when I was speaking with Phil and he said it to me, I plastered on a fake smile, slathered my voice in honey and worked my dimple. The office bust out laughing, but then Phil said, "you know--I think that woman was right and you could go far with that attitude." Sad but true. I still plan to stick to impressing people with my brains instead of charming them with an act (of course, the dimples and smile will bust out when needed!).

One good thing about Ed leaving is that I will get a new office! Yippee! Besides, just being nicer I will no longer have to walk far to speak with Don, go to the bathroom or get more water. Unfortunately, I will be around more people, so it will probably be harder to get work done. Oh well, life always has trade-offs.

Tonight I had dinner with Dee, my former housemate--she is such a sweetie. I miss the co-op and really need to get back down there more often. Too bad that I am busy every weekend until after the holidays.

As I was biking through downtown after meeting with Dee, a man on the sidewalk loudlyyelled "nice ass!" First of all, I think he said it before he could even see my butt. Second, since it got colder these comments have decreased dramatically, because people drive with their windows up, I am more bundled up and the cold just seems to calm people down. I didn't realize how nice it was riding without this type of comment. Just another good thing about Chicago bike winter. Finally, I still don't understand why men yell this sort of thing. Are they trying to be assholes? Do they think they are cool? Do they want to make me feel self-conscious and slightly less safe? Do they actually think it is a compliment? Might they expect that this could lead to a date of some sort? It is very peculiar behavior--and I think when it increases in spring I will probably get super-confrontational and bitchy about it. It may not be the best strategy, but it usually feels damn good.

I baked a cake for Peter's B-day party in WI tomorrow. It is quite simple--just a chocolate roll that I will fill with ice cream and drizzle with hot fudge. I was planning on doing something elaborate, but I am glad that I went with a simple cake instead. I have lots of work reading to do on the train tomorrow--so that will be nice to be able to bill instead of just wasting time in travel. God--I am totally turning into a lawyer. But working well in the next week or two is very important because bonuses and raises are coming up in less than two weeks, and I want to continue looking like a legal rock star at until then.

Yeah, this was not the most interesting post, but I feel like I had a very full day and wanted to blab.


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