Thursday, December 02, 2004

Look Ma!

I was just mounting my bicycle after the workshop (rocking a horrible style: work pants rolled-up, sleek boots, windbreaker jacket and bike helmet--sexy!) when I thought a man on the sidewalk was pointing and looking at me. I decided that I was paranoid and that he was probably pointing at something else, since I wasn't that interesting-looking. A few seconds later I realized that he was looking at me when I saw him point and say, "Look Ma, that there girl has a parascope on her head!"

This guy apparently was auditioning for a part as 'stereotypical hick tourist' or 'country bumpkin visits the big city.' If only he would have been chewing on a piece of straw and wearing overalls with one strap undone he would have been a perfect charactiture.

Oh yeah, the 'parascope' on top of my head was the light mounted atop my bike helmet. Yes Mr. Bumpkin, I am actually a spy on leave from a submarine stationed off the shore of downtown Chicago in lake Michigan. Really I am--please don't blow my cover.

I giggled all the way back to the office....."Look Ma!"


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