Sunday, December 19, 2004


Jill And Tana's holiday party was last night and I want to babble about some of the developments:

1. Will Lee appeared. Will is one of my favorite classmates from law school, but he has been working crazy hours since graduation and hasn't been social. It was great to see him and hope to see more of him in the future because discovery on his major case closes on 1/1/2005 so he will have freedom then. Yah!!
2. Adam Schaeffer. I haven't seen Schaeffer in many, many months. I heard that he lost a lot of weight, so it was great to see him svelte and happy with his girlfriend. We decided that we need to start going to shows again. I like that boy--and Courtney seems really cool, too.
3. Roberto and Karen. I was friendly with these two in law school, but not really friends. Lately I have been seeing each of them more often, and I like it. Karen is just a sweetheart and really down to earth--plus she dances as if she has no choice--she seems to have music and rhythm as part of her DNA. Roberto is a very handsome, smooth man--he gives some of the best compliments and I usually feel pretty and girly when I am around him. He must get so much tail because he certainly knows how to talk to women.
4. Gabe. He was fucked up before the party even started and ended up passing out pretty early. Jill didn't seem very happy with him--I know I wouldn't be if I was her. I hope Gabe is OK and sometimes develops a stronger relationship with sobriety. I know I am a prude on this matter, but I just can't imagine having all of those substances in my body as often as he does. Letting the monkey take the wheel every once in a while is one thing, but outside of working hours, I fear the monkeys wears Gabe's pants. Gabe is so cool and sweet--I hope this doesn't become a major problem in his life.
5. Tana. She set out to hook up w/ Patrick, Goitia's 19 year old, hot brother. By the end of the night it looked like she might be successful. Goitia seemed bothered by this, but Tana was on a mission. In many ways I have to give the girl credit for just setting her sights and grabbing what she wants. Still--a 19 year-old frattish boy. Not my thing.
6. Steffens (MS). I haven't seen him for a while either. He just recently started a new job at a firm, so he was in pretty good spirits. We had some pretty good conversations and given his law school, Bell Boyd and recent experiences he didn't seem nearly as bitter as he could be.
7. Linda. This girl is cool. This was the first night that I really was able to speak with her, and I was surprised by how cool she is. I think (because I am an insecure bitch) that I assumed she was shallow and/or bitchy because she is so cute and skinny. This is a bad habit that I have and I have to stop automatically attributing negative character traits to attractive women. It is mean, unfair, petty and only says bad things about me.
8. Isaac afterwards. Isaac and I had some interesting, candid, conversations back at our apartment. Unfortunately the alcohol that loosened our tongues also made me basically pass out mid-converation. He has been very sad lately, and I feel helpless in his presence. I really wish he would find work. Unfortunately his depression seems to be crippling his motivation. It seems like he is caught up in a downward spiral of despair and depression, and I don't know how to snap him out of it. Sigh. We went to Filter today and had a nice, hang-over breakfast experience together. I just wish we could finish last night's conversation.

Oh well--JAT II was a good time--I need to make more of an effort to see my cooler law school friends after we return from the holidays.


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