Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Why can't hairstylists cut my hair the way that I ask? I have wanted to get my hair cut for few weeks and today I finally did it. I have been very disappointed in the last several haircuts I have received. My hair is very straight and the cut I want is simple but not common, so I explained in detail what I wanted--and even the method of cutting it this way.

She still didn't do what I wanted. I told her after the first few snips that she was approaching it incorrectly and then she followed my directions (which were exactly the same as the first time I told her). A different stylist a few months ago didn't understand what I requested either, but still proceded to cut away, giving me the wrong look. Normally I would think that my description/directions were to blame, but I have sucessfully explained this look to several friends--including clueless guys who have quickly grasped the concept.

So anyway, eventually she got it mostly right. However, she cut one of my braids! I wear two micro-braids on each side of my center part, and I like them to hang past the rest of my hair by about two inches. Normally there is a bead at the bottom of the braid to finish the look. It sounds weird, but actually looks pretty cool. The stylist asked me to remove the beads because she thought they would get in the way, and I obliged. She wasn't paying attention and cut one to almost the length of the rest of my hair. Grrrr.

This procedure took almost a full hour (no billing!) of my day, was very frustrating and will be two/three months before my braid is at the minimum length that I want.

I really don't understand why the stylists don't listen better--and if they don't understand what I want, why don't they ask for clarification before picking up the scissors? Of my last four haircuts, three were blatantly different from what I requested and the other one was just a shoddy job. Grrrr. At least I didn't have these problems when my hair was past my ass.


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