Thursday, December 23, 2004

Gettin' out of Dodge


On Tuesday I slipped sneakily out of work and into my holiday vacation. I had a whole slew of stuff that I wanted to do before I caught my train to Jesse's place.
Very few of these things actually got done.

I am starting to cancel things that I had planned on doing and it feels pretty good. This is going to be an important aspect of functioning as an attorney--Knowing when to say no--not only to others, but more importantly to myself. So instead of rushing around on Tuesday night, I had a lovely time lying around reading and chatting with Isaac. It was a nice start to vacation.

Contrary to my plans, these are all of the things I didn't do before I laid down for bed:
  • shower and wash my hair
  • pack
  • clean the apartment
  • Pack
  • pay my bills online
  • PACK
  • do laundry
  • PACK
  • bundle up truffles
  • PACK

I had lofty goals of working out, delivering truffles and picking out glasses frames before my 10:00AM eye-doctor appointment. Even as I went to bed without doing the above list, I still thought I could get all of this done and fell asleep expecting to get up early and hit the ground running.

Nope. The first morning of my vacation continued the laziness thread. I woke up with enough time, but no ambition to complete all of these tasks. So instead I laid in bed drifting in and out of sleep as I mentally crossed items off of my list that were no longer possible. Finally I actually got up and started moving. By now, all I expected to do on Wednesday was pack, go to my eye Dr. , lunch with friends and catch my train to Minneapolis.

Packing was complicated, because I was going home for Christmas and it was cold outside. I needed to bring all of my gifts, clothes to work out in, dress-up clothes, reading material and cold weather clothes. I was riding my bike, so I also had to try to pack light and in a bike-transportable fashion. Grrr.

I was late to my eye doctor appointment--fuck, I was on vacation and it was cold and windy and I had a lot of crap with me. I spent a long time there getting my exam and picking out glasses. Apparently I am blinder than I thought: 20/2200, 20/2400. Sweet--SSI here I come!! I dropped some serious cash on my glasses and contacts and had to rush to lunch before my glasses were done.

After I put my name on the list for tables, I went into the lobbyish area of the building to wait. I changed most of my clothes there to the apparent amusement of several people. I came in looking like a messenger and steadily changed until I looked almost professional. tehehe.

Lunch with my friends was very nice. Tara, Diane and Isaac came. Afterwards I rushed back across the loop to pick up my glasses and then back to Union Station to catch my train. When I walked in, burdened down by bags and still sporting my helmet, it was 2:03--my train was scheduled to depart at 2:10. All I needed to do was walk through the station, get my ticket, find my gate and board my train. Since this was the holidays, the station was of course filled with slow-moving tourists intent on blocking my path and risking my ire. Ticket in hand I charged toward the boarding area and went up to several Amtrak attendants to bark, "Empire Builder--Minneapolis. Where do I go?" This train leaves the same time every day and they immeadiately realized how little time I had and directed me to the correct gate. I rushed outside to the train to discover a long, unmoving line of people--for some unknown reason, nobody was boarding the train, but instead we were waiting in the cold.

On the train I had an interesting chat with a 15 year old boy and the eight hour trip went pretty quickly. My big brother Jesse was waiting for me at the station and whisked me away to his condo. He stated that he was going straight to bed, but we ended up talking for several hours. Yeh--brothers!


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