Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Brainy Scalp?

Today in the lobby of my building was a man with a scalp that looked like a brain. His head was shaved, but instead of the typical 1-2 horizontal creases at the base of his skull, he had a whole network of squiggly lines up to the top of his head. I was fascinated and creeped out at the same time. I hope he works in my building so I can see him often.

On a totally different subject, I had to meet with my investigators for one of my cases this morning. They haven't been doing the work that I have been giving them, and instead just make empty promises. Today I layed the smack down and didn't take their excuses. The guys are ex-FBI and probably didn't appreciate getting upbraided by a 20-something girl. Afterwards my colleagues were amazed that I could be so stern, because normally I 'seem so nice'. Duh--blowhards aren't respected and frequent outbursts dilute their power. I didn't loose my temper or act bitchy at all, but instead just didn't take any excuses and made myself very clear. It's weird that my colleagues didn't "think I had that in me" and "saw a side of me they'd never seen before" because I felt I was very polite and restrained. Hopefully it will make the paralegal working with me on this case toe the line I set for her.


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