Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Another bikey day

Last night I stayed out too late with Ethan and woke up at 8:00 this morning. This is by far the latest that I awoke on a work day, and I didn't appreciate being denied the choice to nap a bit more before actually getting up.

It was warmer today, so I just biked to work in yoga pants. I much prefer biking in fewer, less restrictive clothes--so this felt really nice. Last week I busted out my heavy steel-toed boots because they make perfect biking footgear. The boots are almost a size too big, so I wear them with athletic socks and a pair of thick wool socks--so far this combination has kept my feet nice and toasty. They have 10 pair of eyelets, which makes them pretty tall, so my ankles don't get cold/drafty and I don't have to worry about snow or water sliding down my pants and then getting funnelled into my boots. Most importantly, even though they are extremely comfortable, I am constantly aware that I have little weapons on each foot. Knowing that I am armed (footed? legged?) puts me in a kicking mood and both pedestrians and cars that misbehave tempt me to kick them. I have never acted on these temptations, but expect I will eventually. These little chunks of metal give me confidence and attitude far out of proportion to the protection and threat they actually provide.

Even as much as I love these boots, I am already anticipating the days that I will be able to ride with sandles and a sundress on. No gloves, pants, jackets, gaitors or boots. Unhindered and completely free is how I long to bike around Chicago, with the wind warmly embracing my skin and the sun lighting my way home from work. Oh well, I don't expect this to actually happen until March, so I bought some biking clothes last night. I got the IllumiNight jacket last night for less than 50 bucks and I also bought a balaclava--so even though I may be hindered and weighed down, I at least won't be cold.

While biking home, I ran into Todd G. at an intersection. He was meeting his brother at a bar, so I rode with him for a while. i very much enjoy running into bikey people unexpectedly. He invited me to have a drink or two with him, but I declined. Upon reaching home, I had to wonder why I didn't take him up on his offer, it certainly would have been more fun than hanging out at the Den of Awkwardness. Todd is really cool and I am sure his brother is too. Spending more time with bikey people only confirms that I need to spend more time with them and solidify some of these friendships. Later this week I will get to play more with bikey people--Thursday is the Derailleur (2005 Calendeur edition)assembly at Alex's place, and Friday is the New Year's Eve Critical Mass followed by John's NYE party. Yippee!


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