Friday, November 26, 2004


Thanksgiving means spending time with my mom's family. Nothing makes me more happy about my life than hanging out back home. The place was a freakin' zoo: dogs, kids and hicks. I sat there biting my cheeks to keep from saying something rude and tried to just observe as much as possible--as a participant observer, in anthropology terms.

Almost everyone seemed at least mildly dumb and small-minded. No one spoke of anything intelligent or interesting, but instead shared boring stories of childrens' antics, workplace conflicts, bad recipes or items purchased on sale. I will someday slap a person for unsolicitedly telling me how much they paid for something. I don't care and can't imagine why they think anyone does. grrrr.

Besides, almost everyone dressed like crap. My cousin is only a year older than me and wears tapered jeans. WTF!?! I don't understand why people don't want to try to look good. I am no fashion plate myself, but at least I dress like I own a mirror and know what decade it is. So once again on Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I moved away from Hicksville, WI and live in Chicago.

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