Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Finally a Gym Membership

Tomorrow I teach my secretary how to weight lift.

When I was first hired I looked into getting a membership at the gym in my office building to shower in morning. My enthusiasm cooled with the temperature at the prospect of monthly dues and initiation fees. Then Brent, the smarmy salesman at the gym kept calling me and I decided that I would just wait until it warmed up again to get a gym membership.

I soon learned that my firm used to have a corporate membership there, but it was canceled because nobody used it. Grrrr. However, my boss heard that I was interested and reinstated the membership. We don't have our cards yet, but are supposed to be able to use the facilities if we bring a copy of the contract.

So tomorrow morning I will meet Schanise to work out together and teach her how to lift weights. I am excited about this, because we do not have a very good work relationship, because she doesn't support me well. She isn't very timely with many of her tasks, flat out ignores them or requires so much supervision that I'd be better off doing them myself. She was promoted to legal secretary on the day that I started, so neither of us had much experience in our roles. I've been out of the office lately, so I haven't needed her help much and haven't been around to develop an understanding.

Basically I am frustrated with our relationship and hope that weightlifting will fix things. It must be weird for her to have to work for an attorney much younger than her who also has odd habits. When I waltz in sweating and dressed like a bike messenger, I probably don't look like a person to take seriously. Changing my clothes in my office and having a saute pan on the floor aren't particularly professional either. I'm hoping that we can just become more comfortable with each other so that I can correct her more easily, and she can take the critism in a productive way.

Plus, I like teaching people how to weight lift. She wants to lose weight, and I am currently shedding pounds so we have some things in common. This may also give me an opportunity to advise her on nutrition--because from what I have seen, hers isn't very good. I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow morning, because there is a lot riding on this encounter.


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