Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Fantastic Fenders

I love my bicycle fenders! It was raining when I left work tonight, but I was almost completely dry coming home. The fenders really make a big difference--usually I feel a continuous spray of cold dirty water down the middle of my back, but not anymore! Plus now I won't get grime in my hair or on my work shirts--I think I'll attribute my new fenders to my grandparents' x-mas money. Another reason the ride was so comfortable was because I was wearing my snow pants which are water resistant. Normally my upper body is the most comfortable because of my jacket, but tonight that was the wettest because I was only wearing a tank top underneath so there wasn't a buffer between me and the jacket. It is really amazing that a thin jacket and tank top keep me warm in 35 degree weather.

Last night I went to work out after work, and began lifting weights. I am generally very comfortable in a weight room, because I have lifted sporadically for over ten years. However, this time I felt really conspicuous and it seemed that people were looking at me. Weird. Then I made an even weirder discovery--I was the only woman in the room. The room was full, but no other chics were there--so I think that explained the looks. Finally another woman showed up, but she was with her husband. I guess maybe my experience at campus gyms has skewed my perception of who weightlifts. I am used to both men and women lifting, but maybe this is only among younger people. I'll have to pay more attention as I use this gym.

Another weird thing was that several of the conversations that I heard in the weight room indicated that the speakers were attorneys. Great--now I can leave the office to workout and still have to listen to boring law-speak. This may force me to bring my headphones and radio.


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