Sunday, November 28, 2004


My mom is crazy--she always has been, and I think she is getting worse. She seems to get involved in a fight with someone near the end of every visit home. Generally I am the person she fights with. Then my dad will get involved and there will be weird tension for the rest of the visit. This time, my older brother was the person involved in the intial fight, and I got to play bystander.

My mom cannot behave like an adult. She doesn't admit when she is wrong or unreasonable, but instead gets angry or uncooperative when she doesn't get her way. She often acts like a spoiled five-year old and picks fights. In addition, she can be incredibly hurtful and doesn't argue to reach a resolution but only seeks to win. When she acts this way she is impossible to deal with and I am incredulous at her immaturity.

So anyway, a fight between her and my brother turned into a fight between her and my father. They didn't speak for the rest of the day. This morning when I went outside to say goodbye to him he started crying. My dad is a good guy and seeing him cry is very upsetting. We talked a bit and he hinted strongly that he might be through with my mom. I have wanted them to get a divorce since I was in fourth grade, because she is crazy. However, I asked my dad if he considered counseling. He doesn't think that my mom would go, and also said that he already went alone many years ago. At that time the counselor basically said that people like my mom never change. My dad is incredibly unhappy with his life and thinks he is fucked. I don't know how to react, because we usually don't talk about our emotions with one another. Somehow I want to let him know that everyone will support him if he divorces her. We all know she is crazy and don't want him to waste anymore time dealing with her craziness. I think I will call my older brother later and discuss this with him.


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