Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Can I keep his friends?

This is the pressing issue facing me in the next few weeks. Two days ago I got dumped by my boyfriend and am now wondering about his friends--men I considered my friends also before the break-up. Can I keep them? Is there a waiting period I should observe before contacting them? Has Ms. Manners commented on this situation?

Tonight I went to a new-age bookstore to watch a video of a speech by Howard Zinn that was posted on one of my bikey list serves. The speech was fine, but some of the audience members really nailed home to me why liberals can be hated. I consider myself a progressive, damn near radical liberal, but I wanted to smack some of the people there. There was a table filled with petitions and protest information--and I received several dirty looks when I didn't sign the many clipboards that were passed around. Sorry folks, but I cannot take a bus to Ohio to investigate voter fraud--that does not make me a Bush supporter or the anti-christ.

Seriously, I hope the democrats don't waste the next four years whining about this election. I want to put them in a corner to really think about why we lost this election instead of making excuses. Although if their response is that the democratic party needs to embrace 'faith-based' initiatives and appear more religious, then I think spankings are in order. Liberals need to be more aggressive about our values instead of watering everything down to appeal to moderates. Stop being nice and start trying to win. Bush is so bad that it is embarassing to lose to him two terms in a row.

By the way--I want Jon Stewart to moderate the 2008 debates. I know it will never happen, but it would be amazing.


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