Monday, November 15, 2004

bike-ity weekend

This was my first weekend as a swingin' single in almost half a year--so I went on bike rides. No booze and mostly other women. After work on Saturday I biked over to a BikeWinter workshop and then 23 of us pedaled up to Devon to gorge ourselves on Indian food. Yummy. The ride was nice, but we were moving considerably slower than I normally bike so I was cold and almost feeling sorry for myself. But once we got to the restaurant all was good. The bikey people are great--I especially like Tod and Lisa. Too quickly I had to leave for game night at Tara's. I was already late so I flew down to Wrigleyville. It's amazing how much heat I generate when I bike fast. Instead of being cold and borderline miserable, I was sweating and tearing off clothes when I hit red lights.

Tara's was nice. Afterwards she and I talked about Mike. She was the first person I really spoke with about the situation, so it was very good for me. I generally think Tara is a very unbiased person, but she has my back on this issue and thinks that my thoughts and actions are reasonable. Either she is a good friend, I am a good person or both. So I feel good about that.

I biked home and went sleep pretty much assuming that I wouldn't wake up in time for a Cycling Sisters ride to the Botanical Gardens. However, through mysteries in the universe, I woke up with enough time to go. The ride was super nice, and I got to hang out with Sara and Hui Hwa. It's been many weeks since we've seen each other, so speaking with them was very nice. Those girls are too damn cool--I need to spend more time with them, because they are my type of girls.

Sara and I rode back to Chicago together and broke off from the rest of the pack because we wanted to ride faster, both for quickness and heat. Maybe bike winter will turn me into a speed demon as I try to stay warm. HaHa--not likely.

This is the type of weekend that I want to have more of: busy, active, outdoors (or at least not in a smoky bar), sober and fun. I had let Mike's laziness determine how I spent a lot of my freetime, and that didn't make me happy. Just another reason to stick with the bikey people.


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